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GRS #15 On 12-27-18 Escamilla Death - Did The Moon Flip?

GRS #15 On 12-27-18 Escamilla Death - Did The Moon Flip - Weird Plane Shadows - Laser Cuts From Sky

 Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/theparanormalcode  Could it be possible that space is really water? The evidence almost  makes sense but how would we, me or you ever know? - Is the moon  flipping upside down? Weird plane shadows? Just when we got over the  hovering planes, now people believe they are seeing a plane's shadow in  the wrong place. Let's put this theory to a quick death.  Join or Visit GUFONETWORK at http://gufonetwork.ning.com  Join or Visit  GUFONETWORK at https://gufon.net  Visit http://gufon.org for updated paranormal and all GUFON Activities  Visit The Stream 24/7 GUFON Radio at  Twitter - https://twitter.com/GUFONRadio  Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gufonetwork 

GRS #15 On 12-27-18 -20k (mp3)